When the best isn’t good fun enough

If you had asked me 10 years ago if I would ever be interested in playing an MMO, I would have looked at you as if you were in the process of growing a second head.  One of my favorite things about the video games I was most drawn to was being able to do things my own way.  If a game would let me build my own class? I was going to do that.  And if my cloth-wearing, bow-wielding, alchemist character concept failed horribly? Well, then no one was suffering but me.

(and incidentally? I was rarely suffering. I was mostly laughing my ass off.)

Since then, obviously, a lot has changed.  The community aspect of MMO gaming really drew me in at a time in my life where I really needed that, and I’ll admit playing around in a couple of MMOs that I direly wanted to be single player experiences (The Secret World, I am looking SO HARD at you right now). But the thing that hasn’t changed? I still want to do it my way.

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SiB in the Sims 4

One of our lovely members decided that SiB needed to be immortalized in the Sims, and I totally had to share these with you.

The Butt family (ok, I’m 12, I giggled) is our very own Fuzzbutt and his lovely wife, Kia.

The SiB household is – from left to right – is Krikket, Ted, Myssidia, Asherrylie, Rhuan, Jardal, Kae, and Lyrestra.  Otherwise known as the best LAN party ever.

(do people even know what a LAN party IS anymore?)

Butt Family SiB in Twittertown

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Yay! We’re mostly done!

& I say “mostly” because we totally plan to keep renovating based on user feedback.

So – here’s where we’re at. We have a spiffy Google calendar that lets people know what we’re planning.  We’ve got an extra special Stands in Bad twitter account.  We have a Facebook group, and a group on Steam. We have really neat and tidy (for now) revamped forums. We’ve polished up our community guidelines, and opened friends & family recruitment.

Really, all we need now is you guys. Come on in & tell us about the games you’re absolutely loving these days.  Voice your opinion in our polls. Plan an event.  Tell all the people you play games with about us, and get them to play with us too.

In case you can’t tell, I am super-excited about this new incarnation of Stands in Bad (even if it has led to me playing some of the most appalling FTP games out there so you don’t have to).

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Please Excuse our Mess!

This week, Stands in Bad came together and made the decision to change our focus.  Whereas we’ve previously “just” been a World of Warcraft raiding guild, we decided we wanted to be more than that.

Stands in Bad is now a multi-game community!

This means a number of things:

(a) Our forums, charter, policy & blog all need to be massively restructured. This is not a small project, and folks should be aware that things may look pretty different each time you visit for awhile.

(b) We need to learn about all these other awesome games that are available for together funtimes. So if you have one you love, please come on in and tell us all about it.  Some of us will totally want to try it, I guarantee it.

(c) We will have a less concentrated presence in Azeroth.  Stands in Bad will still be an Alliance guild on the US-Rexxar server, but at this time, we are no longer actively pursuing progression raiding.

Please feel free to PM me through our forums, contact me via Twitter @SiBKrikket or send me an email at SiBKrikket@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns about what this change means for you.

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Clearing Highmaul in the nick of time

With Blackrock Foundry arriving in just a week, SIB moves to 3 bosses of heroic (Kargath, Butcher, and Tectus), and finishes up normal, killing Imperator on the 29th, giving us a full clear in time for the new raid to arrive.


Twin Ogron:


Imperator Margok:

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