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When the best isn’t good fun enough

If you had asked me 10 years ago if I would ever be interested in playing an MMO, I would have looked at you as if you were in the process of growing a second head.  One of my favorite things about the video games I was most drawn to was being able to do things my own way.  If a game would let me build my own class? I was going to do that.  And if my cloth-wearing, bow-wielding, alchemist character concept failed horribly? Well, then no one was suffering but me.

(and incidentally? I was rarely suffering. I was mostly laughing my ass off.)

Since then, obviously, a lot has changed.  The community aspect of MMO gaming really drew me in at a time in my life where I really needed that, and I’ll admit playing around in a couple of MMOs that I direly wanted to be single player experiences (The Secret World, I am looking SO HARD at you right now). But the thing that hasn’t changed? I still want to do it my way.

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Ding! Grats!

Congratulations to all of us in Stands in Bad that have been working our tushies off to get to max level!

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*Stands In Bad* is Moving!

As of Friday, June 15th, <Stands In Bad> is NO LONGER on Azgalor – we are now located on Rexxar – US. Feel free to stop by and poke one of us!

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Fangs of the Father

Our raiding rogue completed her legendary daggers after this week’s raid! \o/

(She might have also had several gigglefits over her new wings.)


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SiB is 8/8 in Dragon Soul! ^^

It took us a while, but we kicked him in the chin! And Thrall didn’t even drop any of us this time!

(Hey, Fuzz, you’ve got adds!)

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