Please Excuse our Mess!

This week, Stands in Bad came together and made the decision to change our focus.  Whereas we’ve previously “just” been a World of Warcraft raiding guild, we decided we wanted to be more than that.

Stands in Bad is now a multi-game community!

This means a number of things:

(a) Our forums, charter, policy & blog all need to be massively restructured. This is not a small project, and folks should be aware that things may look pretty different each time you visit for awhile.

(b) We need to learn about all these other awesome games that are available for together funtimes. So if you have one you love, please come on in and tell us all about it.  Some of us will totally want to try it, I guarantee it.

(c) We will have a less concentrated presence in Azeroth.  Stands in Bad will still be an Alliance guild on the US-Rexxar server, but at this time, we are no longer actively pursuing progression raiding.

Please feel free to PM me through our forums, contact me via Twitter @SiBKrikket or send me an email at if you have any questions or concerns about what this change means for you.

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