Yay! We’re mostly done!

& I say “mostly” because we totally plan to keep renovating based on user feedback.

So – here’s where we’re at. We have a spiffy Google calendar that lets people know what we’re planning.  We’ve got an extra special Stands in Bad twitter account.  We have a Facebook group, and a group on Steam. We have really neat and tidy (for now) revamped forums. We’ve polished up our community guidelines, and opened friends & family recruitment.

Really, all we need now is you guys. Come on in & tell us about the games you’re absolutely loving these days.  Voice your opinion in our polls. Plan an event.  Tell all the people you play games with about us, and get them to play with us too.

In case you can’t tell, I am super-excited about this new incarnation of Stands in Bad (even if it has led to me playing some of the most appalling FTP games out there so you don’t have to).

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