Community Guidelines

Stands In Bad – A Multi-Gaming Community

All of us here in Stands in Bad are committed to creating a space that stretches all over the internet where all kinds of people can feel safe and comfortable while playing games with awesome people.

We may be a little wacky, we may tease, we may be irreverent and bawdy, and yes, even wildly inappropriate at times.  We’re all growed-ups here, and we don’t expect everyone to be super-cautious about every word they say. However, making sure SiB is a culture where people can be open and honest with one another is important to us. We all come from different backgrounds and have different experiences, and no one should be made to feel bad for that.

Communication is key. All members are expected to check the forums regularly, and active participation is encouraged. This doesn’t mean that you have to come to EVERY SINGLE EVENT hosted by SiB, but that we would like you to pop in every now and again. You’re part of this group because we want to hang out with you, after all.

Some SiB members are very active in social media, and some of us even have blogs. As a result, we fully expect that stuff that goes on in this community will be blogged and tweeted about. Please keep in mind the public nature of these posts and be respectful towards our community members.

A Little Talk About Talking

These guidelines apply to SiB guild chats, Vent or other community sponsored voice coms, SiB specific chat channels, and our forums.

We want everyone to feel comfortable here. To this end, from time to time, members may express to you that something you’ve said makes them uncomfortable. When this happens, we expect that you will either stop the conversation or find a way to continue it privately.

Some things we don’t want to see or hear about under any circumstances:

– Hate speech of any kind. While this may seem self-explanatory, please understand we also intend this to mean things like using “gay” when you mean “stupid”, or claiming to rape or be raped by anyone in a video game, as this promotes rape-culture, which, if you think about it, you’ll probably realize you’re pretty strongly against.

– Any discussion of illegal activities. We don’t want to hear about selling or using drugs, assault, animal abuse, or anything else that could get you fined, arrested, or tossed in jail. None of us want to be accessories after the fact (or before the fact, even).

– Discussion of ToS breaking activities in any video game. This includes, but is not limited to, gold buying, “power leveling” (i.e. paying someone to level characters on your account), hacking, or account sharing. Discussing them in the abstract is okay, but we don’t want to hear about the great deal you got on gold. Doing things that break the Terms of Service in a game can not only get your account banned, but they are grounds for removal from the community as well.

– Explicit descriptions of sexual activities. It’s totally okay to say things like “Logging off now to get lucky.” or “That’s what she said!” when someone says something that’s inadvertently dirty-sounding. But this community is not the place for blow-by-blow descriptions of what you did (or wish you did) last night.

– Any threats of violence. While we encourage you to go beat up monsters & enemy players at every opportunity, we do NOT encourage making it personal. If you’re angry enough while playing a video game to be willing to threaten IRL violence, it’s probably time to log off and do something else.

– Personal attacks on other community members. While we can’t mandate that you like one another, we can ask that you treat each other with some modicum of respect or choose to not participate in activities with someone who really bugs you. When you bring your personal issues with other members into public arenas, you make everyone feel uncomfortable.

– We also ask that you not share personal information about other guild members in any public gaming space. Some people would rather not use their real name with gaming friends, and some people don’t want Grandma finding out on Facebook that they’re beating up monsters on the weekends. Be respectful of other people’s privacy concerns. However, what you choose to share with others about you is totally your call.

A Few Notes on the Forums

Please keep in mind that several of our forums do not require membership to view, and as such, are prone to being spidered and showing up in search engines. However, some forums, such as our “Social Chatter” forum, are private, and require a member to be logged into to view them. If you wish to share personal information or personal photos with us, we ask that you keep it in the “Social Chatter” forum.

If you see a post that you believe is inappropriate, please contact any (or all) of the officers. Just click the link at the bottom of the forums that says “The Team”, and you’ll see a bunch of people labeled Muffin Monkey – these are the people you want to talk to. Please do not start an argument with the poster, as that tends to make an already bad situation worse. Officers are all able to lock threads and edit or delete posts, and we will explain the reasons why actions are taken to the affected party(s).

Due to the nature of a multi-game community, forums will randomly appear and disappear like magic based on interest & participation. This is normal. If you think we need a forum we don’t have, just request it, and it’ll probably show up. Now that’s power, you guys.

So What’s With All The Muffins?

Who doesn’t love a good muffin? Seriously. It’s just A Thing. Go with it.