SIB Draws it’s first bit of SAVAGE blood!

It may not have been an “official” raid, but SIB went in and thrashed Kargath Bladefist and The Butcher in Highmaul on Dec 17th, and Brackenspore on Dec 18th, fully introducing us into raiding in Draenor.


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Ding! Grats!

Congratulations to all of us in Stands in Bad that have been working our tushies off to get to max level!

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Silver Medals All Around

Congratulations to Fuzz, Jace, Kae, Krikket and Ted on your Challenge Mode silver medals!  

Enjoy your new mounts!

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SiB: The Fountain of Youth

I want to start this little post by give a resounding “Wilkomen, Bienvenue, Welcome!” to our newest members.  We’re all so excited that more people get to join us in our adventures around Azeroth (and more).

The addition of all these awesome new people, and some heady reflections among the officers lately got me thinking about what is truly important to me during my game time.  And, mostly, that answer is to escape grading.  Seriously.  I hate grading.  But, the other, and probably more important answer is that I love spending time with my friends.  Turns out, gaming (and creating important, lasting social bonds) is one step in prolonging your life.

For those of you that don’t know Jane McGonigal, take a moment to look her up.  She’s brilliant, inspiring, and, most importantly, a gamer!  About a year ago, I was halfway through a book of hers, Reality is Broken.  It’s loaded with science and theory and, honestly, the sort-of self-help speech that I feel usually sounds kind of cheesy, but it always feels very inspiring.

She gave the following talk at the TED conference:

So, let us help you in becoming longer-lived, happier individuals through killing all the raid bosses!

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SiB: One-Shots Boss, Dies On Trash

Paragons of the Klaxxi

Siegecrafter Blackfuse

Thok the Bloodthirsty

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